Accelerated Cashflow for Amazon Sellers

Payability provides daily cashflow to Amazon Sellers so they can buy more inventory, stay in the Buy Box, and get the best deals from suppliers

Grow Your Amazon Business With Daily Payments

Buy more Inventory

Daily payouts allow you to turn inventory faster. And on Amazon, speed wins

Stay in the Buy Box

Avoid stockouts with faster access to your cash. Stay in the Buy Box and sell more

Discounts from Suppliers

Pay suppliers faster and get discounts - you can lower your costs and increase your margins

Same Day Balance Transfers

Immediate Transfer to Your Bank

Depost funds directly to your bank account

via ACH, instant ACH or Wire

Transfer to Your Payability Card

Get 2% cash back for purchases on

your Payability pre-funded card


Payability is a financing company that provides high growth Amazon sellers with same day payments so they can buy more inventory, stay in the Buy Box, and get the best deals from suppliers. 

With Payability, you can say goodbye to cash flow issues and stockouts and hello to scalability and profits. Check out this video on How It Works.

Every single business day, Payability gives sellers 80% of their Amazon earnings from the prior day, for a 2% flat fee on gross sales. The remaining 20% is reserved to cover returns and charge-backs and is released to you on Amazon’s regular 14 day schedule.

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What are the Requirements?

In order to be eligible for Payability, you need to be selling over $2,000 each month on, have 90 days of sales history, and your Professional Amazon Seller Account must be in good standing with Amazon.

How Soon Will I Have Access to my CASH?

Your Amazon earnings will be loaded in your Payability account the very next day. Payability sends payments via Same Day ACH or Wire to ensure that your earnings are available in your bank account ASAP.

How Payability Compares to Popular Financing Options

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Payability?

Payability is an established, safe solution to faster payments for eCommerce sellers. Based in New York City, Payability currently has 35 amazing employees working hard each and every day to help Amazon Sellers, like you, grow by providing next day access to Amazon earnings. With Payability, sellers no longer have to wait weeks for their cash.

Why should I use Payability?

Receiving your earnings daily boosts your cash flow and gives you more control of your business. With faster access to cash, you can make the right investments to grow your business. Many of our customers use their daily payouts to buy more inventory, avoid stockouts and stay in the Buy Box longer.

What's Payability cost to use?

Payability charges a simple, 2% flat fee based on your gross monthly sales. You can offset that cost by opting to receive your payments on the Payability Mastercard, which provides an additional 2% cash back.

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